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Series 2000
Bulk Bag Discharge System

• Heavy-duty tubular frames sealed against dirt and moisture-optional seismic rated frames

• Designed for FIBC containers (bulk bags) up to 4400 lb.

• Heavy-duty scale systems (optional) for loss-in-weight applications

• Available in either fork truck placement or powered hoist & trolley

• Flex-seal and dust tight discharge head assemblies

• Bag bottom support pan directs bag bottom contaminates away from product stream

• Discharge properties can be enhanced with optional bag bottom agitation, side impact assembly, bag stretching or bag vibration

• Can be equipped with optional small bag/pail dump station

• Can be equipped with pre-assembled work and access platforms and stairs

• Wide range of options available for full bulk bag process automation•

Technical Specifications

Product Applications: Powdered, granular and large particulate materials packaging in flexible bulk bags

Typical Discharge Rates: Approximately 6 to 10 bags per hour may be discharged depending on product, operator dexterity and level of automation.

Typical Discharge Accuracy: When equipped with optional loss-in-weight assemblies, the Series 2000 is factory programmed in 1 lb. increments (.5 lb. available upon request). With consistent product feed, discharge accuracies of +/- 1 lb. per 1000 lbs. are typical.

Electrical Requirements: 230/460 volts, 3-phase &115 volts, 1-phase, 60 cycles (optional items may require additional power)

Compressed Air Requirements: Operating pressure is 80 PSI. Service pressure should be at least 10 PSI above operating pressure to insure consistent operation of controls. Requires approx. 4-10 CFM per bag.

Overall Installed Dimensions: Approximately 61” X 61” X 168” (55” tall bag). Some optional components may extend beyond the dimensions shown. Some containers & equipment may require additional height.

Shipping Weight: Approximately 3100 lb.

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