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Series 110DS
Bulk Packaging System

• Unique "pin & ladder" frame adjusts quickly for a wide range of bag/container sizes

• Fill weight capacities ranging from 100 to 4400 lbs

• Heavy-duty scale systems (optional) are built to withstand tough, industrial use

• Upper carriage frame adjusts to accommodate both square and rectangular bags

• Fully digital weighing system with a host of standard process and weight control functions

• Allen-Bradley PLC interfaces easily with existing process control systems

• Bag loop holders feature easy loading and positive discharge

• Inflatable fill heads assure dust tight filling even with fine, powdered products

• Accommodates drums and tote boxes with optional accessories

• Wide range of options for manual and fully automated filling applications

Technical Specifications

Product Applications: Powdered, granular and large particulate materials.

Typical Bagging Rates: 10 to 25 containers per hour are possible depending on product, operator dexterity and level of automation.

Typical Accuracy: The Series 110DS is factory programmed in 1 lb. increments (.5 lb. available upon request). With consistent product feed, accuracies of +/- 1 lb. per 1000 lbs. are typical.

Electrical Requirements: 115 volts, 3-phase, 60 cycles at approx. 5 amps (optional items may require additional power)

Compressed Air Requirements: Operating pressure is 80 PSI. Service pressure should be at least 10 PSI above operating pressure to insure consistent operation of controls. Requires approx. 4-10 CFM per bag.

Overall Installed Dimensions: Approximately 64” X 64” X 98” (50” tall bag). Some optional components may extend beyond the dimensions shown. Some containers may require additional height.

Shipping Weight: Approximately 2100 lb.

Look at These Features!

Add an optional metering system to control product feed including gravity type valves and powered feeder assemblies.

Heavy-duty bag frame adjusts for different height bags via sliding collars and 5000 lb. shear weight pins.

Rugged scale decks meet NTEP Conformance Standards and are built to withstand tough, industrial applications.

Bag carriages adjust easily for many different sizes of bags and feature easy load bag hooks, inflatable fill heads and a host of optional dust extraction and bag liner inflation systems.

Integrated control packages feature a variety of PLC’s and visual displays to assure ease of total process operation.

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